After many years touring Italy and its knitting workshops in the countryside, Giovanna Della Bella has developed special ties with regional knitting factories. Forging a unique “know-how” for Italian yarn standards to elaborate exceptional garments for leading Parisian fashion houses.

Giovanna Della Bella to establish in 2021 her concept and atelier of “Sartorial Knitwear“. Reinventing sartorial suits for women by swapping conventional fabrics for entirely knitted garments.

Her collection introduces a vestiaire of colorful jackets, shirts and trousers enterely knitted with Italian yarns to create garments with unique comfort and sensual feel. Yarn craft and colors are conceived exclusively for the studio, using the highest standards of the industry, promoting clean lines of fabrication and avoiding waste.

Atelier SOVEN Fall-Winter 2022

This season Atelier S O V E N presents new sartorial pieces and suits for women introducing new italian yarns and exclusive crafts to create categories  with  entirely new feelings for our  knitted garments.

This season Inspired Atelier S O V E N to illustrate and introduce its silhouette in a new context while “ moving in a fresh apartment “.

Whether we just moved in or we are about to leave, moving are always emotional: Everything is in boxes except for the very last things needed: our essentials wardrobe among a few furniture left, a french press for coffee, boxes of books and bed sheets.

A new place for modele Aoi Watanabe where to explore intimacy settling in this imaginary home in London’s Mayfair neighborhood. where Atelier S O V E N color palettes associate elegantly to London  landscapes with shades of green, copper, wax and electric blue.

Showing dressed silhouettes organically, with a new Double breasted jackets and fitted pants in Copper and Wax colors; sensual pieces in Chenilla craft like bodysuits, shorts and shirts in sky blue, wax, white and black.

This season we worked with photographer Jules MOSKOVENKO and stylist Julie Velut to realize the season campaign.”

Lookbook with Aoi Watanabe,
photographed by Jules Moskovenko,
styled by Julie Velut,
Make-up by Mayumi Oda.


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